Payment Methods??

Cash or Card

Over the years, payment methods have changed.  I remember when the majority of my payments were by cheque and now, most people want to pay by card.   The public coming to craft fair will often bring cash assuming that the vendors will only take cash.  Cash is great if your items are small and reasonably inexpensive but cash is never limitless and harder to make a sale if they just don't have enough on them.  Often the venues that you will be in do not have ATM's.     It might be time to think about a card machine small and lightweight these cute little machines link to your smart phone enabling you to take cards.  There are many providers out there I personally use sum up the charge for a machine can vary as and when they have sales but the machine is usually €29. No monthly charges you just pay a percentage on the money you take.   If you really do not wish to take the plunge for our show I will  offer the use of our machine,  taking 5% of the total amount to cover costs.   The machine will be held at the reception area just bring your customer to us and we can put the sale through.