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There is nothing better than finding that perfect gift for a loved one or even for yourself.  But imagine being able to chat with the skilled crafts person that made it.  Finding out the items journey and seeing the person who took an idea and created a finished thing.   That is priceless.

Buying direct from the hands that create


Firefly Boxes

Pyrography is the art of decorating wood using heat.   I use a hot a stylus to create my designs.  All original and freehand.  I have been making decorative items using pyrography for approx 8 years and love each and every piece I make. 

I am based in Galway and am always delighted to make special items for people including personalised items,  memory boxes or new baby boxes.

I am particularly proud of the box in the picture as it took so much work and took approx 10 days to complete.  I love to do craft fairs because I get to meet the people who buy my things, this is so much more satisfying than posting a box.   

Apart from Fairs I sell my boxes on Etsy at

Ceramics By Anne.jpg

Ceramics By Anne

Amazing and Beautiful Detail

I am a ceramic artist and make porcelain and stoneware art which is mainly decorative but can be also functional.

Drawn to creativity my entire life. From a young age I enjoyed drawing, painting and later working with clay. 6 years ago, after a long break I joined the Forge Clay studio in Galway and got involved with clay once again.

Based in Oranmore but I am originally from the Baltic coast of Germany.

 I am particularly proud of my double walled ceramic pieces like this large school of fish vase.  The detail in this case is so intricate that it would be a piece to treasure with or without flowers.   These double walled pieces are challenging but give so many possibilities in making unique designs. 

My work is mainly inspired by nature and the Irish culture and landscape but can be also diverse.   I love making complex pieces where I put a lot of thought and creativity into it. The ideas come naturally from learning new techniques combined with the urge to create something beautiful and interesting.

I am looking forward to meet and connect with people and see their reaction to my work.

Work can also be seen at purchased at 

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Get Crafty

Personalised gifts and home decor pieces

Based in Kill Village Co. Kildare and creating beautiful objects to decorate the home for well over a year

I put my heart and creativity into all my pieces I am very particular about how I make my products etc so they are always held to a high standard and I'm proud to be able to share that with my customers. 

I love to mix and meet new people from all different places and backgrounds. I really enjoy chatting to people and engaging for new product ideas and listening to suggestions 

I work full-time as Accountant and took the leap during COVID-19 pandemic to start my own business which I had been planning for about 3 years prior to 2021 when we did officially start-up. My business is an outlet for me and different to my every day job I also love to take on new projects/products and travel. 

You can see more of my work on facebook 


Bunnies & Bears

Collectible bunnies and bears. Hand crocheted unique and distinctive a gift that is sure to be loved by not only this generation but also the next.  Seasonal items like gnomes gonks baubles etc are also available.


Breaking Clouds

Art and Design

Deirdre & Mike together create  original acrylic and oil paintings framed, prints mounted, mini hand painted canvas with easel, hand painted tree slice art, handmade solid wood chopping boards, platters, soap holders, incense holders, egg and toast boards, wood turned bowls, wood sculptures
So many amazing items from this very talented couple.


Garden Re-Creations

Recycling is a great way to have wonderful things without harming the environment.   When those items are as beautiful as these they are amazing.  Handmade painted wooden garden ornaments, planters, bird boxes, tables and feeders made from recycled materials.   A stunning gift!

MFlynn 03-07-2022 13-05-40.jpg

Bare Flame Candles

I make 100% soy wax candles and wax melts made with Irish sourced fragrances. I have 6 candle and wax melts scents which include: Silver Bear, Baby Bear, Forest Flame, Mint Glade, Forest Fresh and Winter Forest. Each scent comes in wax melts or a 4 or 8 oz candle. I also make room and pillow sprays in Drowsy scent which is a rich lavender fragrance and then a room spray in the very popular Baby Bear scent.

Bear Flame has a nature-based theme as you will see from my pictures, as nature and the environment is something that I am passionate about I focus on the sustainability of my business. All the products are made from items that are 100% biodegradable, are either recycled or can be recycled.  I have teamed up with (more;trees) a company that aides business reduce their carbon foot print by planting trees on their behalf. My aim is to donate 1 euro from each sale to (more;trees) to reduce our carbon and make us a little more eco/environmentally friendly.


Flora Fauna Fae Felt

Carol Elizabeth Wise.  Felt Artist

My name is Carol Elizabeth Wise, Callie for short. My company name is Florafaunafaefelt. My Shopify Store is

I am a fibre artist, mostly working with 100% pure wool, creating 2d and 3d needle felt pictures and characters. I also use a technique called wet felting to create some of my makes.

I have been needle felting for just over 3 years now. I work from my home, a part 16th century Stone Cottage in the heart of a farming community in the Midlands of Leitrim, Ireland.

I am inspired by the natural world as my company name suggests.

Flora - from all the trees, plants and flowers growing all around us.

Fauna - from all the creatures we share the planet with.

Fae - from all the magical beings that play hide and seek with us all.

One of my favorite pieces is my Under the sea diarama. 

Needle felting is such a joyous craft and I love showing people how to make their own felted characters and pictures, through workshops and demonstrations during craft fairs or exhibitions. 

I also take on commissions and have created 2d and 3d pet portraits for clients. I recently had an exhibition at the Weir gallery in Sligo and currently have a commissioned exhibit in the Yeats society in Sligo.


Wreaths To Keep

Jacinta Cooney

My business is called Wreathstokeep, I work from home making mostly faux floral door wreaths and also some centerpieces. Iv only been doing this craft work for two years. I'm based in Ballinasloe Co Galway. I do commission work and my favourite has to be the kitch wreath my daughter asked me to make for her. Its made from her own Barbie and Sindy dolls bits and bobs I had in the attic for over 30 years.. I'm always inspired by nature and all its beautiful colours combined. I like craft fairs because I like people to see my work in reality, there are so many colours and textures that just can't be appreciated on photos etc and I love to chat with people about their ideas for what they would like. I also make wreaths for the grave which can have any name written on it. The designs are endless and it's always great to have people come to me with their own design which I can make for them,so the chat is very important.
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Silky Suds Soaps

Pop & Pearl Handmade one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

Based in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway specialising in handmade artisan soaps and bath treats.  Made using natural soap bases our soaps are wonderfully bubbly, hydrating and kind to skin.  We offer a range of goat's milk soaps, vegan soaps (Coconut /Argan Oil), natural body butters and organic products. 

Pop & Pearl creates the most beautiful handmade one-of-a-kind greeting cards.  Cards are fully customisable and can be personalised.   

I began making soaps in 2012 - I started out on my kitchen table (like so many other crafters).  In the 10 years I've been making soaps I have been expanding my range and offering; perfecting recipes and experimenting with new designs.  We launched a range of organic shower gels and organic handwash this year. 

We also extended our range of delectable foaming sugar scrubs and natural body butters.  We currently have a range of Himalayan bath salts, bath bombs and fizzers.  We now make all our soaps and bath treats from our purpose-built studio space.   

In 2020, wanting a range of cards to complement our gift hampers, I began making 3D embellished greeting cards. The cards took a life of their own and are now being stocked in Ganly's of Athlone & Longford.  

Our Pop & Pearl greeting cards are available ready to buy or on a commission basis.  Cards are customisable and can be personalised for any person or occasion.  We can also cater for larger or bulk orders. 

Silky Suds Soaps can create custom soaps for your business or any special occasion.  Larger orders are also welcomed for any event.  

I really love our range of foaming sugar scrubs.  They are light, fluffy with excellent foaming properties.  I enjoy creating new fragrance combinations that excite our customers.  I'm also proud of our layered artisan soaps, I really enjoy creating new designs and experimenting with layering.  

Inspired by colour and my love of fragrance,  I love how a smell can take you down memory lane.  I love to surprise people with my creations, and I enjoy watching people's faces light up when they see or smell our soaps and bath treats.  

My love of colour has transferred to Pop & Pearl greeting cards.  I enjoy exploring new designs when crafting these keepsake cards.  

I really enjoy meeting our customers and getting feedback about our products.  I enjoy finding out what they are looking for and meeting their expectations.  I love the buzz of craft fairs as it is such a wholesome experience and meeting other makers and artists is the icing on the cake.  

Eleanor Leadbetter.jpg

Els-Bels Boutique

Beautiful bags and accessories from my kitchen table in Oranmore, Co Galway. I love choosing the perfect combination of fabrics, zips and hardware to make something unique and special.

Although I'd always enjoyed messing around on a sewing machine, I only started sewing seriously during Covid lockdown, first making masks for a charity, then clothes for my children, followed by simple accessories to sell in my local area in winter 2020. I discovered bag making during 2021, and found it completely addictive, so started making bags to sell last Christmas.

Where are you from/based?  I'm originally from North-East England, but have been living in Oranmore for nearly 8 years.

We have a lovely range of items but It's often so hard to find the exact bag you want in a shop, so with a commission you can choose exactly the features and size you need, as well as matching fabrics and zips to your own personal taste. I love working with a customer to select the perfect combination of fabrics and pattern to make the bag they want.

I'm a perfectionist, so I tend to put my heart and soul into every piece I make! But I have a special affection for one particular bag which combines my favourite fabric print with some snazzy rainbow hardware - it really makes me smile! (Picture above)

I'm always inspired by other crafters, and love seeing what they do, especially if it's a craft I haven't tried yet! And I love seeing the work of other bag makers - they're such a supportive bunch, and I learn so much from them.

Attending craft fairs are a lovely chance to meet and chat to people about what I do, and for people to see my work. And I always love to see what the other makers do, and to get inspired!

These beautiful items can be bought on-line at Facebook  and Instagram or customers can contact me via email about commissions at


Gra Chocolates

Made With Love

At Grá Chocolates, we start with the finest ingredients in the
world: ethically sourced Valrhona Chocolate, Casa Luker cocoa
butter and the world’s best dairy produce – Irish cream and
Created in small batches, each chocolate takes three days to
create. Our moulds are hand polished to ensure a glossy,
luxurious sheen before we add the colourful hand-painted
decoration. Each filling is perfected to a signature recipe,
ensuring decadently delicious flavour. Ingredients change with
the seasons, drawing on Ireland’s rich larder. We never take
shortcuts, because we know that each step plays a key role in
perfecting each indulgent confection.