Designing Your Table



Think about your table and how you want it to look, practice at home so you know what your lay out will be. 

First your table covering, try not to go for fabric that is highly patterned, you want people to look at your work not the table cloth.  The cloth should nearly reach the floor at the front, so that any boxes you might have stored under the table are not visible.  Gaffa/Duct tape is a wonderful item especially for keeping cloths firmly secured to tables.

I like to use a stretch crushed velvet as this does not crease, washes well and drapes beautifully off the table.  

You can now purchase lycra/tshirt type covers that stretch over the table.  These can be found at Amazon by searching for stretch table covers in a variety of sizes.  No creases and they wash really well.  There is also no chance of bits of fabric being on the floor and causing a trip hazard.  These stretchy covers come in lots of different colours.

another table cover_edited.jpg


Different levels on your table are a great way to attract attention.  The highest point can be used to showcase a special item that you are particularly pleased with. You do not need to spend a great deal of money to achieve this look.  Sturdy cardboard boxes, tupperware under a soft flowing piece of fabric give pedestals of height. Wood planks set on blocks or boxes can give you shelf across the back of your table.  Wooden crates or wicker baskets all will give you height and interest on your table.



Do You Need Them??

I do two crafts, jewellery making and Pyrography. If I am doing a show with my jewellery I always want extra lights, it does not matter where I am showing lights are a necessity, I want my jewellery to sparkle and shine to attract as many people as possible.   People like moths tend to be attracted to the light.   However my Pyrography does not require extra lighting the ambient lighting in the room is sufficient to show my work well.

If you wants lights, the lights you use need not be anything special angle poise lamps are a cheap and good way to start and can be used to spotlight a star piece on your table.   If its Christmas why not add some fairy lights to your table adding both light and festive detail.



After all this is what your table is all about

Presentation is key.  You want to create a tempting display of your work.  First impressions are so important and may make or break a sale.  You want to offer a wide array of items, in a wide range of price points, without over crowding your table. The temptation to put out everything is strong, but the overcrowded table often looks messy, uninviting and a little overwhelming. 

Price everything, customers are often shy of asking how much something is and will walk away thinking the item is out of their price range or just not wanting to ask!

You might think about a short description of an item typed up on a small card, it could tell the customer what the item is made from or your what your inspiration was when you created it.   The longer people pause at your table to read the more chance you can chat to them.   Talking to people leads to sales.


Still a little unsure?

Here are images of table set ups from craft fairs most of these I got from Pinterest, see if any of these spark some ideas.  They all use height to their advantage and the use of wooden crates is genius as they can be used to pack your things in when coming and going to the show


Prize for best dressed table

I really want to inspire our stand holders to really try and make their tables beautiful and seasonally appropriate. I am not asking for decorations at the expense of your product but a beautiful well designed and decorated table.  There will be a prize for the best dressed table a nice bottle of something so you have something to take home but the best bit is full credit for a free table (same as this one) at the next show they book!  A great prize.